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We are looking for early career teachers for our Start UP! team. Become a Start UP! rep for your district or university, or be part of our event support team and help out at an event and receive free entry. Contact Ray if you are interested.



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First Start UP! Your Class Successfully Video completed!

See our new website at

We are not offering Start UP Series workshops this summer except by request.

Dates available are Aug 31, Sept 7th, Sept 9th 2017

We are not actively supporting this website for now, because we are focusing upon creating our third StartUP! teaching guide on video by September.

All sections of the site including the resources remain available however.


Our First Video:

Start UP! Your Class Successfully

Teaching Guide: 99 minutes of ideas in 6 sections

Watch a preview here

View this preview of the 99 minute video

designed for Gr. 4-7 teachers. Use it

along with The 33 pg. First Week of School booklet.

Online now at


We are focusing upon creating teaching guides on video to help new teachers in September.

The newest one is:

Start UP! Reading: Creating Avid Readers using

Literature Circles with Elaine Jaltema

Watch a preview here


To get background information on Start UP! program go to:


To join our petition asking for more support for new teachers go to:


“Two years ago I attended...'StartUP! Your Classroom Successfully.
You gave many different, amazing and awesome ideas on how to get classrooms up and running for the first week of school..."
-Sarah, new teacher & member of the ProD Committee SD#59


Are you a TTOC or planning to become one?

 Learn how to speed your learning as a TTOC through the Rehearsal approach: 

Learn how to prepare for your 1st contract:

Build and rehearse your skills during each TTOC assignment


our Rehearsal Strategy here:

'Make each day a rehearsal for the next step in your career'


Find out about the new

BC Early Career Teachers' Association

Go to their Facebook page here.



Welcome to StartUP!

Through online video workshops, online resources, the Start UP! Your Class Cooperative aims to help all those in BC with a new assignment. More than 1500 early career BC teachers have participated in the program's workshops since the program was begun by PITA in 2007. We aim to support all K-8 teachers.

To join this web community, click the INVITE link above and enter your school email. With over 900 members now, we expect that in the next two years we will be able to build a more active community. Here you can find resources from the workshops and share B.C. curriculum focused resources, make connections, enter discussions and access advice from other teachers.

This website supports the Start UP! Your Class Cooperative, a non-profit teachers' cooperative.

Start UP! Your Class Cooperative

The Start UP! Your Class Cooperative is a BC based, non-profit, teachers’ cooperative. With a focus on curriculum and resources for teachers early in their career, our purpose is to ensure teachers with a new assignment are prepared and confident when they begin.



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